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Designed with a modern flair, these semi-detached houses sold before the last brush stroke was made. Ideal for modern day living, every care was taken to get the very best living space for the owners.  Features include high quality double glazed windows as well as zinc and oak cladding on the front and rear dormer for that contemporary design. 


This development shows the potential for utilising small spaces using clever design and architecture, demonstrating what Helix Homes can achieve given smaller plots of land. 

Using a high specification finish throughout, contemporary living and an open plan feel, Helix Homes are delighted to have these homes in our portfolio.


Heathfield Development

Heathfield Development

Architects Comments

"As designers, we require a concerted effort to avoid the average and achieve the extraordinary – this includes the developer, the planners and anyone else involved. Helix Homes could see the potential of this small site; a piece of land between frontages as an ideal windfall site.


In addition, the practice was interested in the artistry of small forms and structures that suited the site’s constraints – we thought of origami as an example.


The patterns and forms of the surrounding architecture were also taken into consideration as used for the basis the design. However, the sharp angles and pronounced forms of the dormers is derived from an idea of folded materials that express a modernist’s craft expression."

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